Anti-choice activists are purposefully trying to use ultrasounds as a means to get women who are considering abortion into crisis pregnancy centers, misleading them into thinking that they are going to receive free, necessary ultrasounds that they will need to have before they terminate their pregnancies.

At the annual conference for crisis pregnancy centers, former Planned Parenthood employee turned anti-choice personality Abby Johnson explains to attendees how to use ultrasounds and other means to mislead women into coming into crisis pregnancy centers so they can be talked out of having abortions.

Video from RH Reality Check piece by Robin Marty: “Abby Johnson Explains To CPCs How To Use Forced Ultrasound Bills To Lie and Get Women In the Door

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    absolutely infuriating. really makes you realize how uninterested these folks are in actually helping people.
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    Watch out for the Pregnancy Crisis centers. They will tell you any lie in the book to get you to have a child you can’t...
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    Tax credits for Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Missouri are up for renewal right now, and this video leaves no doubt that...
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    This is atrocious. They’re tricking women, lying to them about their intentions. Ugh, ugh!!!
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