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Project TMI: Day #3

Have you participated yet? Plenty of people have. In the video above, Rachel Maddow discusses multiple politicians whose Facebook pages have been inundated with sarcastic comments from constituents and concerned citizens regarding anti-choice legislation.

It was also reported on at Buzzfeed, Talking Points Memo, and Mashable.

Let’s keep it up. We at RHRC are focusing on Utah and Kansas but this message works with any politician who is anti-choice. If you write them on Twitter, please use the hashtag: #mybodyyourchoice.


Utah’s governor, Gary Herbert, currently has ON HIS DESK RIGHT NOW the legislation that will change Utah’s 24hr mandatory waiting period between appointment and abortion to 72 hours. 

We need him to VETO it.

PHONE #s: 801-538-1000 and 800-705-2464


TWEET him 

LEAVE COMMENTS on posts on his FACEBOOK wall

Mandatory waiting period laws serve no other purpose than to shame people wanting an abortion. 


In case you don’t know WHY we are targeting Brownback and Kansas, Kari Ann Rinker’s piece at RH Reality Check has the details. The bill includes

  • cutting off medical training for doctors (which may cause the KU Medical School to lose accreditation)
  • outlawing Planned Parenthood employees from volunteering at schools
  • allows physicians to lie to their patients about pregnancy complications
  • forces doctors to lie to patients about anti-scientific and untrue risks with abortion
  • and creates a new state income tax on any expense related to abortion.

Facebook page.

Twitter: @GovSamBrownback.

You can also call Brownback’s office at 877-579-6757 or 785-296-3232. 

Or you can send him an official message through his contact page.

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